Human Resource Management

PayCheck Connection keeps you in compliance.

Each year, federal agencies issue 4,000 new regulations that apply to small businesses. The average cost of regulatory compliance is at $7,600 per employee per year. The fastest growing crime in America is identity theft, which puts employers at risk of facing potential criminal penalties for non-compliance with new regulations to guard against the crime.

Hr Hand Glove

We help manage your employee Workforce

  • HR Hotline: We answer any questions you have related to managing your employees, as well as issues such as hiring, terminations, employment files, and documentation.
  • HR/Compliance Audit: We will evaluate the status of HR functions of your business and determine what changes are necessary to keep you in compliance.
  • Risk Analysis: We look at five dimensions of risk in your business.
  • HR Consultation Services: Our HR professionals are available to meet with you to discuss HR issues within your business, including compliance issues and employee related matters.
  • Handbook and Policy Services: We will help you design policies and your employee handbook so that it complies with regulations and is a useful tool for managing your employees.
  • Posters: We will make available to you the posters pertaining to labor laws that are required for you to post on your premises.
Human Resources

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