To Support Your Business Needs

For over three decades, we have helped our clients improve their business performance. We are a turnkey business outsourcing solution that takes away much of the time-wasting, profit-draining administrative work in your company, freeing you to focus on your bottom line.

By outsourcing to specialists who are experts in their field, you can:

Focus on what you do best for your business, while we handle the details.
Experience personalization from our trusted advisors.
Customize your program to choose payroll options that are right for your business.
Minimize the risk of error and avoid costly penalties and fines.
Encounter friendly and professional service.
Increase profitability and success.
Relieve the administrative burden of running a business.
Ease your worries and allow PayCheck Connection handle all of your business needs.


Are you working ON your Business or... Is your Business working on YOU?

Human Resource Management

Beat the fear and pain of burdensome regulations on your business.

Workers' Compensation

Reduce your Workers' Compensation cost today and manage your claims for future savings.

State Unemployment Tax Account Compliance

Keep your Unemployment Tax costs under control and avoid costly penalties.