Workers' Compensation

Reduce your Workers' Compensation cost today and manage your claims for future savings.

Through PayCheck Connection’s group buying power and injury claims management systems, we, in most cases, can provide substantial discounts on your workers’ compensation insurance, now and in the future.

Inadequate management of injury claims can be devastating on a business. PayCheck Connection can help keep your injuries to a minimum through its PREVENTION programs. When injury does occur, we ensure the process is most efficient to get the employee back to work.

Worker Safety

PAYO Workers' Compensation Option

PayCheck Connection, LLC (PCC) is continually making efforts towards keeping costs down for client's and bringing value to the relationship. As a payroll service provider, PCC has the opportunity to share this relationship with our affiliated vendor and help reduce your cost of workers compensation. With approved risk, our broker can make this reduced cost available because we have a PAYO relationship, which means PCC will collect, report and pay on behalf of our client's as the payroll service provider.

An up-to-date understanding of the state and federal requirements related to injury claims.
A network of injury treatment providers that can assist the employee to safely return to work.
A timely reporting mechanism to report claims and time lost.

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