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I tried to do payroll myself, and I screwed things up: forms weren't submitted, payments were in doubt, and I was generally panicked. Jackie at PayCheck Connection took me in on short notice and squashed my payroll problems in a matter of hours. The staff were sharp and lovely to work with. When they had resolved everything, they told me 'you're set.' I had to resist the urge to give them a bear hug - every one of them. I was overjoyed. They have my business, and they should have yours, too.

Andy Adams

My discovery and aha moment was that we can’t not afford a payroll company! We decided to contact PayCheck Connection… it was time! We have been with PayCheck Connection for two years now, and this has been one of the BEST business decisions we’ve ever made!! PayCheck Connection is always two steps ahead of us. They are knowledgeable, quick, and responsive; they are easy to work with; they are ultra-professional and friendly! I would refer PayCheck Connection to anyone!!!

Elaine Damschen, Mainstream Electric Inc.

We have been clients of PayCheck Connection, LLC since 1997. As a stay-at-home mom with 4 active daughters also doing the bookkeeping for 2 companies, I need uncomplicated help, which I get with PayCheck Connection. They take the pressure of compliance and deadlines off. You gotta love that!! Not only that, the staff is excellent to work with under any situation.

Michelle Nelson, Nelson Fabrication & Repair, Inc. and Pro-Set Erectors, Inc.